Prevention Package - Disolvatol Lab Grade Chanca Piedra & Trinephra Triple Compound Prevention

$79.20 $122.00

Deliver every 30 Days

This is the ultimate double layer defense package...

Daily Defense: Take Disolvatol lab grade chanca piedra in the morning followed by Trinephra early evening for a one, two punch of prevention.

You're already familiar with the power of Disolvatol for a daily protective defense mechanism. Now add the support of our triple compound formula of lab grade magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B6 along with our proprietary enzyme delivery system to provide maximum absorption and bioavailability. 

Trinephra is best used as a supplemental, additional layer of prevention support when taken daily with Disolvatol.

Save big on the Prevention Package. The two products together would normally be $122 with shipping each month. For our loyal existing customers only we offer a 35% savings with the Prevention Package in a monthly subscription.